Audria Evelinn

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Bali, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Founder of Little Spoon Farm

Regenerative Farmer

Sustainability Chief for the Koomba Wellness Center.



Audria Evelinn is striving to improve Indonesia’s local food system by reconciling the connection between farmers and consumers. Her work involves empowering community-based agriculture programs and enacting hands-on education programs for individuals and communities. She has a B.A. from Seattle University in Urban Sustainability and participated in Growing Power’s Sustainable farming program and in a Food Studies and Tourism Master’s Program at Le Cordon Bleu. Audria created Little Spoon Farm, a greenhouse vegetable farm in Bali, and designed an online platform for direct harvest orders. She also focuses on supporting local farmers to adopt regenerative growing practices. From her farm, she both shares sustainable crop growing methods, and facilitates a connection between local farmers and consumers. In addition to working towards a more cohesive local food system, Audria hopes to increase economic benefits for local farmers whose practices are organic and eco-friendly.

Audria believes that the ecological healing process begins with a mindful connection between the seed and the plate. She sees vegetable and fruit harvests not only as sources of nourishment and medicine, but also as connections between humanity and the natural world.

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