Elisabeth Lily Salim



North Sumatera, Medan, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Founder and CEO of Sanggar Kreativitas Anak Indonesia

Certified Level 3 Trainer in Recycle Product

Founder and CEO of Sekolah Alam Medan

Elisabeth Lily Salim is the founder and CEO of Sanggar Kreativitas Anak Indonesia, a program that educates special needs youth in zero waste management and teaches them the skills they need to create products out of recycled materials that they can sell. She aims to transform Medan into a green paradise and reduce the inequality that exists for people with special needs in her community. Lily was the principal of the Medan School of Nature and was voted the 3rd Best Trash Bank in Medan City in 2016 before beginning Sanggar Kreativitas. She has her degree in Banking & Finance from University of N. Sumatra in Indonesia and is a Certified Level 3 Trainer in Recycle Product.

Elisabeth Lily Salim
Elisabeth Lily Salim

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