Giyan Antari

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Bali, Indonesia

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Co-Director Kul Kul Connection

Collaborator and Coordinator Subak Uma Lambing Organic Rice Planting Project

Giyan Antari recognizes and admires the profound impact of education in her community and graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree in Teaching. In 2014, she began her career working for the Green School in Bali as their Communications Assistant and Coordinator for a Community Integration program called Kul Kul Connection. These experiences allowed her to develop an understanding of both the importance and the beauty of diversity and collaboration in achieving goals. 

The dynamic and sustainability-oriented culture of the Green School inspired Giyan to work towards a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies in 2016. Giyan is especially proud of her work with the Organic Transition Rice Planting Project, a collaboration between the international communities of the Green School and local farmers in providing chemical free rice. This program has successfully engaged 5 local farmers, 27 international parents, and protected nearly 1 hectare of rice-field from harmful chemicals. The collaboration and hard work of her program participants has not only nurtured an appreciation for local farmers, but has also provided healthy organic rice to many members of the community.

Giyan Antari
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Giyan Antari

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