Ida Rahayu

Planting SD Bindu


Bali, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Creator of the Seeds to Table Program

Teacher at the Green School of Bali



Ida Rahayu is an educator, Permaculture Designer, and Founder of the Seeds to Table  Program, an integrated curriculum she is implementing in local schools that integrates permaculture, environmental studies and healthy lifestyles.  Based in permaculture ethics and principles, Seeds to Table both works to provide education about the health-based and environmental impacts of people's eating habits, and strives to minimize waste by teaching students to grow and cook their own food. Ida has thus far run this program in several local Balinese schools, and hopes to expand to as many schools as possible throughout the country.

Ida has been a teacher at the Green School, Bali since 2012 and finished a one year Graduate Certificate of Permaculture Design in 2017, from Central Queensland University, Australia. Recently, Ida is expanding her knowledge by learning about syntropic farming and agroforestry, and believes in these methods as some of the most effective for food growth. She plans to embark on future work in creating urban gardens that apply agroforestry principles in local schools.

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Ida Rahayu

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