Wiwik Subandiah



East Jawa, Jombang, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Founder of ALAM RIANG

Educator & Social Worker



Wiwik is the founder of Alam Riang, a reading community that collaborates with Green-books.org to give free education to children in villages in Indonesia. Through this program, she is teaching the children to live sustainably and harmoniously with nature through eco-activities. In 2018, the Alam Riang program received an award from the Ministry of Education & Culture as a "Creative Reading Community." Wiwik even introduced the Amal Sampah program, which aims to change consumptive lifestyles by educating people on how to live more sustainable lifestyles by teaching them how to manage their trash, garden, and more. Alam Riang also  helps youth entrepreneurs and to develop a sustainable agriculture project, in collaboration with farmers, to protect land and water from damage.

Wiwik Subandiah
Wiwik Subandiah

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