Thilma Komaling

Encouraging the public participation of young environmental-activists in conservation and advocacy.

Thilma Komaling



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Tech Startup Catalyst



Thilma Komaling finds her passion through social development in Indonesia. She currently serves as a tech startup catalyst which involves initiating ideas related to public services provided by the government. One of her projects was with Qlue, an app that allows citizens to report problems directly to their local government. Qlue is used nationally and received the prestigious Best m-Government Service Award by the World Government Summit in 2019.

Thilma even created the first ever Smart Citizen Day on March 28th in Jakarta which she did by leading a group of 35 young environmental-activists representing 34 provinces in Indonesia to highlight public participation in conservation and advocacy. For the last 3 years she has been establishing a women-leadership training program and was also a SEED Adviser to promote eco-inclusive entrepreneurship.

TK Speaking 2014 Washington DC
TK Penggagas Smart Citizen Day
Thilma Komaling

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