Angel Amaya

Shifting the narrative on climate change through storytelling projects across the West.



Austin, TX

Affiliations & Roles

Communications Director, Western Organization of Resource Councils

Angelica (Angel) Amaya is the Communications Director for the Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC), a network of grassroots organizations based in Billings, Montana. In this role, she works in a multitude of issue areas that are in line with climate justice work. Angel’s work aims to address climate change and environmental issues on a state, regional, and national level through various storytelling projects promoting a narrative shift, communications campaign strategies, and frontline community organizing. Angel brings a strong awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion to everything that she does. She is a seasoned storyteller, having produced numerous network and independent documentary films, and worked as a proponent of environmental campaign messaging. As a member of the WORC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion staff team and organizer for WORC’s POC Caucus, Angel has experience in climate justice and bringing diverse voices and narratives to the forefront.


Angel Amaya
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Angel Amaya

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