Brittany Bennett

Building climate resilient and socially just communities through hackathons.



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Affiliations & Roles

Development Director, The Earth Hacks Foundation

Data Director, Sunrise Movement

Development Coordinator, SustainUS

Board Member, MiDataLabs

Brittany Bennett lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is the Development Director for The Earth Hacks Foundation.

Recognizing that the climate crisis is both pressing and tangible, and that black and brown lives are on the frontlines of the crisis, Brittany has committed her life, both in professional and personal spaces, to building communities that are climate resilient and socially just. She believes that it is impossible to secure a safe climate for this generation, and those to come, without also fighting to dismantle white supremacy. 

Brittany has a diverse background, having worked as a civil engineer, a data scientist, and in nonprofit leadership ranging from fundraising to communications to program development. 

Combining her mission with her background in civil engineering, data science, and nonprofit leadership, Brittany is working to launch climate “hackathons” in her new role with The Earth Hacks Foundation, wherein she gathers tech professionals to collaboratively create tools and design innovative solutions to climate change. After piloting in the Denver area, Brittany plans to scale climate “hackathons” nationally. The program will fund the top solutions and then provide mentorship and training to oversee the development and implementation of the solutions. Brittany’s long-term goal is to build an open source database of locally-sourced solutions to climate change that can be replicated across the country.

Brittany Bennett
Brittany Bennett
Brittany Bennett

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