Camille Hadley

Building sustainable food production systems and providing STEM opportunities for underserved youth in Palm Bay, Florida



Palm Bay, Florida

Affiliations & Roles

Program Director, Little Growers Inc.

Camille Hadley, is the Program Director at Little Growers, an organization that is preparing youth and her larger community to be more resilient in the face of climate change. Little Growers is building sustainable food production systems, creating local jobs, and providing STEM programming to encourage more low-income minority youth to enter STEM careers in Palm Bay, Florida.

Camille believes that the right tools and resources can empower youth to save the planet and reduce the inequities that occur in economically disadvantaged communities of color, ranging from food insecurity to environmental sustainability.

Camille is working to build green and organic infrastructure in the form of an Aquaponics STEM Center to reduce food insecurity and increase interest in STEM careers among low-income minority youth in her community. She plans to propel Little Growers to formally become a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and to expand the visibility and engagement of the organization in her community.

Camille Hadley
Camille Hadley

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