Crystal Huang

Creating regenerative economies and making solar power accessible in East Oakland.



Oakland, California

Affiliations & Roles

Co-Founder and President, People Power Solar Cooperative

Crystal Huang, based in Oakland, California, is the Co-Founder and President of People Power Solar Cooperative, an organization that is committed to community self-determination, climate justice, and economic empowerment.

Her personal mission is to activate the global majority in using the climate crisis as a critical opportunity to redesign society to center around justice. Through People Power Solar Cooperative, Crystal works with People Power Owners to create a justice-based transition to renewable energy by enabling everyone to own and shape the energy future. Many of the People Power Owners are local changemakers who have been at the forefront of creating a regenerative economy in their own communities. 

Crystal is passionate about the power of community, and she spreads knowledge by building collaboration among grassroots leaders and organizations. She has designed many strategic plans and tools that allow grassroots leaders to amplify their work. Throughout her career she has worked as the Chief Operating Officer of Powerhouse, a successful incubator for solar startups, as an Associate Producer of “Time to Choose,” a documentary film on climate solutions by Academy Award winning filmmaker Charles Ferguson, and she also founded the CrossPollinators, an online platform that fosters collaboration among grassroots solutions. 

Currently, Crystal is working with People Power Owners in East Oakland, a community that is disproportionately impacted by the harms of an extractive economy to organize a community-owned solar project that will galvanize the people power needed to push for change and help realize their vision to improve their health, wealth, and stability. At People Power Solar Cooperative, solar ownership is about more than clean power… It’s about community power!

Crystal Huang
Crystal Huang
Crystal Huang

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