Erin Foster West

Aiding young farmers to ensure success in adapting to climate change on their farms across the Western U.S.

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Denver, Colorado

Affiliations & Roles

Western Campaigns Director, National Young Farmers Coalition

Erin Foster West is the Western Campaigns Director of the National Young Farmers Coalition, a group that represents, mobilizes, and engages young farmers to ensure their success. Based in Colorado, Erin delivers on the National Young Farmers Coalition’s mission by leading state-level policy work across the Western U.S. to ensure that young farmers have the support they need to mitigate and adapt to climate change on their farms. 

Erin has strong technical knowledge of agriculture and agricultural policy. She has worked on conservation programs at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and has also studied agricultural science and policy, which has greatly aided her work with farmers and policy-makers. 

Currently, Erin is managing a coalition to work on soil health legislation in Colorado to provide incentives for farmers and ranchers improve their soil health and draw down carbon. To achieve this goal, Erin is designing and implementing policy campaigns and building alliances throughout the West.

Erin Foster West
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