Jordan Macha

Incorporating nature-based solutions and nature-centered practices in Houston municipal structures.

JEM BCWK 1 (2) - Jordan Macha


Houston, Texas

Affiliations & Roles

Executive Director, Public Lab

Jordan Macha is currently the appointed Executive Director of Public Lab, an organization pursuing environmental justice through community science and open technology. She was previously the Executive Director and Waterkeeper at Bayou City Waterkeeper, an organization that works to preserve the health and productivity of the Lower Galveston Bay. Based in Houston, Texas, Jordan is committed to furthering justice and equity in her community by working to dismantle systemic racism and oppression within municipal structures, and the environmental movement, in the pursuit of environmental justice. She is a founding member of the Coalition for Environment, Equity, and Resilience, a coalition that brings together community leaders and diverse organizations focusing on Hurricane Harvey and flood recovery in the Greater Houston area, encouraging the region to adopt equitable resiliency models to holistically serve its communities.

To achieve this breadth of work, Jordan works with her staff, and the support of several coalitions. She was influential in the Resilient Houston Plan (part of the 101 Resilient Cities Initiative) in incorporating natural infrastructure and equitable nature-centered solutions into its Living with Water strategy, and works to future-proof the region's water systems by improving its wastewater facilities and championing policies to protect wetlands and floodplains. She currently serves as the Harris County representative for the H-GAC Natural Resources Advisory Committee. Partnering with Harris County, Jordan and her partners are working with County leadership to embrace an equity-centric and holistic approach to flooding, furthering the advancement of comprehensive, intersectional projects that puts people over profits, embraces nature-based solutions, and solves for multiple problems.

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