June Farmer

Empowering local underserved youth and adults through ecoliteracy training and nature-based adaptation models.



Marin City, California

Affiliations & Roles

Marin City People's Plan


June Farmer lives in Marin City, California and is a Community Member of the Marin City People's Plan, a group dedicated to empowering the community of Marin City by observing its living systems in order to design, own, and plan a vision for health and resilience, with a particular focus on flooding and other disaster prevention and management.

June’s focus is to educate and empower local underserved youth and adults through ecoliteracy training and conceptual design planning and hands-on experience in designing and building nature-based adaptation strategy models. In her current role with Marin City People’s Plan at this stage of development, June is to drive community networking and representation and to organize and generate participation in meetings with the Marin County Supervisor, potential funders, and project leaders. 

In her goal to empower Marin City Currently aims to build a Watershed Stewardship Solution Toolkit that lays out actionable strategies for water management and flood mitigation, to train community members in these tools, and to generate job opportunities in watershed management.

June Farmer

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