Kealoha Pisciotta

Mobilizing to protect Hawaiian sacred site, Mauna Kea and upholding traditional indigenous principles of Aloha Aina and Kapu Aloha.

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Hilo, Hawaii

Affiliations & Roles

President, Mauna Kea Anaina Hou

Founder, Kai Palaoa

Kealoha Pisciotta is the President of Mauna Kea Anaina Hou and Founder of the marine protection group Kai Palaoa in Hawai’i. She is also the spokesperson for the Mauna Kea Hui, a group of people and organizations who have been actively engaged in the grassroots and legal arenas for the protection of Mauna Kea, the mountain volcano on Hawai’i island. Mauna Kea is one of the most sacred sites in Native Hawai’ian culture and is currently under threat of desecration through the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT).

Kealoha is a leader in the global movement to protect Mauna Kea, which as of August 2019 had gathered thousands of protesters. Her mission is to promote the principles of Aloha Aina and Kapu Aloha for the purpose of protecting, conserving, and restoring the abundance of the land and the ocean life through the creation and enforcement of better local, national, and international policies. 

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