Magaly Santos

Educating agricultural workers on their health rights, and fighting against pesticide-use in the Central Valley of California.



Gonzales, California

Affiliations & Roles

Youth Organizer and Student at Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice


Magaly Santos is a Youth Organizer at Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, an organization dedicated to environmental justice and civil rights, Indigenous rights, community empowerment, environmental protection, and energy and climate justice. She is also a full-time high-school student.

Based in Gonzales, California, Magaly is working to inform people working in agricultural fields of their rights surrounding labor and health. She knows first hand the impacts that big agriculture are having on the lands, waters, and farmworker communities in California. She is passionate about organizing with her community to address the negative impacts that pesticide drift have on her community and communities across the state.

Magaly’s goal is to eliminate the use of pesticides within home perimeters in her community, a problem that is detrimental to her community’s health. She is working to educate community members on the difference their voices can make when they speak out on pesticide drift, and how to improve their environment for themselves and their children. She collaborates with local farmers whose homes and health are most threatened by pesticide drift to make them aware of the issue and to file pesticide reports. Magaly is especially committed inspiring more youth to become leaders and organizers in Salinas Valley.

Magaly Santos
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Magaly Santos

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