Mishka Banuri

Empowering young people in Utah to engage with the root causes of local environmental issues from an intersectional perspective.



Salt Lake City, Utah

Affiliations & Roles

Organizer, Utah Youth Environmental Solutions


Mishka Banuri lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and is an organizer for Utah Youth Environmental Solutions (UYES), a group dedicated to empowering youth to engage with their community by taking action on local environmental issues. Utah Youth Environmental Solutions is committed to holding people in power accountable for their actions on climate and other intersecting issues that impact marginalized communities. Within this framework, Mishka’s personal mission is to empower young, marginalized voices to rise up and take issues into their own hands. She is dedicated to creating spaces where youth can engage in the root causes of environmental and social justice issues.

Mishka’s goal is to lead Utah Youth Environmental Solutions (UYES) towards greater impact and organizational self-sufficiency. She is working to increase UYES’ focus on intersectional issues, train more youth, and establish UYES programming throughout the state. Mishka aims to achieve these goals by developing a leadership structure, financial plan, and training plan for long-term sustainability.

Mishka Banuri
Mishka Banuri

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