Sabina Perez

Participant: 2019 U.S. Grassroots Accelerator

Preventing environmental degradation in Guam and mobilizing community members to protect Litekyan, a sacred land scheduled to be the site of a firing range.



Hagatña, Guam

Affiliations & Roles

Senator of Guam

Prutehi Litekyan/Save Ritidian

Sabina Flores Perez is indigenous to Guåhan and has been an advocate for human rights of her people since the 2003 Water for All Campaign that safeguarded the rights to water by preventing water privatization of the local municipal water supply, to advocating for Chamorro self-determination at the United Nations, and advocating for the protection of natural and cultural resources with the organization, Prutehi Litekyan/Save Ritidian, a direct action group that is working to protect one of the few remaining limestone forests and habitat of some of Guahan’s endemic endangered and threatened species.  One of the most endangered trees, the Serianthes nelsonii, and the lone mother hayun lagu tree of Guåhan, is located 100 feet away from the largest of the live fire-training ranges that the US Department of Defense is planning to construct as part of the relocation of US Marines from Okinawa to Guam.   

Sabina recently was elected to the 35th Guam Legislature, where she is furthering her advocacy and working to create policies that promote sustainability, indigenous rights, and peace.

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Sabina Perez
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