Tosha Phonix

Organizing against the food apartheid in St. Louis to improve food access and representation of local food systems.



St. Louis, Missouri

Affiliations & Roles

Food Justice Organizer, Missouri Coalition for the Environment

Tosha Phonix is a Food Justice Organizer in St. Louis, MO under the Food and Farm Team at Missouri Coalition for the Environment (MCE), Missouri's independent, citizens’ environmental organization for clean water, clean air, and clean energy.

As the Food Justice Organizer, Tosha organizes and oversees the Food Equity Advisory Board (FEAB), an engaged group of individuals from communities most impacted by food insecurity. FEAB works in partnership with the St. Louis Food Policy Coalition to ensure that the coalition's goals and projects are aligned with the true needs of the communities they serve and that these community voices are heard by businesses and organizations throughout the city. 

Currently, Tosha is working in communities that are impacted by the Delmar divide in St. Louis. The Delmar divide is a street named "Delmar" that divides the city by race, with the northern part of Delmar being 95% African American residents. MCE conducted a study on food access and its intersectionality with built environment, race, income and a multitude of other factors. Based on the findings, Tosha is working with communities north of Delmar with the mission to improve food access and community ownership and representation in local food systems.

Tosha Phonix
Tosha Phonix

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