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Nadea Nabilla Puteri

Innovating Balinese fishing boats to harness power from the sun in order to uplift communities and protect the ocean

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Bali, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Co-Founder, Azura Marine Indonesia



Nadea Nabilla Puteri is an engineer in Bali with a passion for ocean conservation. She began her career implementing and producing deep-tech innovations as a technology researcher in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. She eventually earned a University Patent for drone implementation. Nadea's ability to develop solutions without adding new problems helped her to transition to an IT consulting firm in Indonesia within the Digital and Technology sector. In the middle of 2017, Nadea was chosen as the 1st Runner-up Miss Scuba in Indonesia. From here she started becoming active within Indonesia’s marine preservation communities, using her engineering skills and systems-thinking approach to create solutions towards a healthier ocean. 

Recently, as the co-founder of Azura Marine Indonesia, Nadea helped actualize a method of converting traditional Indonesian fishing boats to 100% solar-powered. This innovation will save fishers money on gas and reduce their impact on the marine environment. Nadea’s goal is to scale this project to reach all fishermen in Bali and then throughout Indonesia, training and empowering local women to service the solar charging stations. Nadea aims to achieve this goal by developing her business plan and gaining funding and grants for her initiative.

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Nadea memulai karir sebagai peneliti teknologi dibidang implementasi ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) dan menghasilkan inovasi dalam kategori deep-tech yang menghasilkan University Patent di bidang implementasi drone. Kemampuan Nadea untuk memecahkan masalah tanpa menambah masalah baru membuat Nadea memulai karir di Indonesia sebagai enterprise IT konsultan untuk Digital dan Technology sektor. Pada pertengahan 2017, Nadea terpilih sebagai Putri Selam Indonesia 2017 (Runner-Up I) dan semenjak itu Nadea aktif di kegiatan pelestarian lingkungan laut Indonesia. Sampai saat ini, Nadea menjadi suara bagi mereka yang tidak dapat berbicara untuk dirinya sendiri, The Ocean.

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