Meet the Leaders of the 2020 Indonesia

Women’s Earth Alliance Grassroots Accelerator

Burung Indonesia

Sulawesi Gorontalo

Educating communities and cultivating ecotourism to conserve endemic birds and forests

Leader at Walhi Sumbar

West Sumatra

Creating sustenance for women through alternative economic development in Padang

Director, Yayasan Orangutan Sumatera Lestari

North Sumatra

Protecting the Sumatran Orangutan through person-centered engagement

Conflict transformation analyst, WRI Indonesia

West Java

Addressing land conflict through research centered on women’s empowerment

Facilitator, Campus Without Walls


Inspiring local youth to become environmental stewards in their communities


Head of Internal Affairs, YLBHI LBH Bali

Founder, Bumi Setara


Using law to fight for clean air in vulnerable Balinese communities

Founder & Program Coordinator, Komunitas 1000Kebun

West Java

Facilitating sustainable futures through organic gardening

Founder & Chair, Mosintuwu Institute

Central Sulawesi

Organizing women and children for sustainable village development in Poso

Founder, Bintang Sejahtera

West Nusa Tenggara

Managing waste and empowering communities on Lombok Island

Founder, Flower Aceh Foundation


Implementing local and international campaigns to empower women as conservation leaders in Aceh

Chairman of Lepemawi

Mimika, Papua

Advocating against the impact of extractive industries on Indonesian rivers

Komunitas Sabana Sumba


Advocating for Indigenous land protection in Sumba

Founder & Coordinator, Kelomang Community

 West Papua

Organizing Mbaham-Matta women for social transformation

Director, NTT Yayasan Kuan Mnasi Foundation

East Nusa Tenggara

Defending environmental governance by Indigenous women in Timor, NTT

Manager, Javan Gibbon Research and Conservation Project

West Java

Protecting small apes through research and education in Java

Founder, Mantasa

East Java

Building food and nutrition sovereignty by amplifying Indigenous wisdom about edible wild plants

Co-Founder, Setali Indonesia


Empowering communities to reduce waste through upcycled and downcycled fashion

Founder, Central Borneo Guide

Central Kalimantan 

Reviving Indigenous wisdom through natural tourism on Borneo

Co-Founder, Azura Marine Indonesia


Innovating Balinese fishing boats to harness power from the sun in order to uplift communities and protect the ocean

Representative Officer, Center for Orangutan Protection

West Sumatra

Initiating community campaigns to protect orangutans and tigers in Sumatra

Co-Founder & Program Manager, PROGRES

Founder & Chairwoman, Tambora Muda

Central Sulawesi

Protecting the biodiversity of Sulawesi through research and youth engagement

Founder, Balang Institute

Project Coordinator, Jurnal Celebes

South Sulawesi

Advocating for the sustainability of forests and the livelihood of customary communities in South Sulawesi

Researcher and Conservationist

Chairwoman, Ulin Foundation

East Kalimantan

Protecting the Siam crocodile through field research and education

Founder, Greenwave

East Java

Building resilient communities through sustainable waste management practices

Founder, Komunitas Sahabat Bumi

East Java

Empowering households to become self-sufficient in waste management

Co-founder & Program Coordinator, Camar Foundation

West Sumatra

Championing local food systems in collaboration with activists and researchers



Sumatera, Aceh

Studying bats for the conservation of forest ecosystems