Alliance Leaders

Founder & Director, Wisconsin Green Muslims

West Bend, Wisconsin

Bridging faith and environmental justice to educate her Wisconsin community on energy and water conservation.

President, Malu ‘Aina Center for Nonviolent Education and Action

Kailuna-Kona, Hawaii

Preserving traditional ecologies and cultures to pass on to the next generation in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Communications Director, Western Organization of Resource Councils

Billings, Montana

Shifting the narrative on climate change through storytelling projects across the West.

Utah Youth Environmental Solutions

Salt Lake City, Utah

Empowering young people in Utah to engage with the root causes of local environmental issues from an intersectional perspective.

Climate Justice Organizer, Public Citizen

San Antonio, Texas

Fighting air pollution and protecting children’s health in her community of San Antonio, Texas.

Development Director, The Earth Hacks Foundation

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Building climate resilient and socially just communities through hackathons.

Co-Founder & Co-Director, EFAM

Oakland, California

Building individual and communal immunity by providing access to essential foods and medicines to all.

Field Organizer, Climate Action North Carolina

Fellow, North Carolina IGNITE

Raleigh, North Carolina

Activating youth to grow climate action.

Co-Founder, Seven Directions of Service

Burlington, North Carolina

Teaching cultural lessons and self-sustainment through indigenous seed gardening.

Transportation Equity Program Manager, GRID Alternatives

San Diego, California

Advancing clean mobility for communities of concern.

Climate Justice Lead & Executive for Environmental Justice, United Methodists Women

Queens, New York

Using faith to grow a culture of climate justice and gender equity in Queens, New York.

Producer, Audiopharmacy Prescriptions

Bay Area, California

Providing a sonic, visual, and performative journey of decolonization, healing, and co-liberation to activate sustainable systems.

Just Transition Fellow, Micronesia Climate Change Alliance

Talofofo, Guam

Increasing food sovereignty in the Mariana and Micronesia region.

Marin City People’s Plan

Marin City, California

Empowering local underserved youth and adults through ecoliteracy training and nature-based adaptation models.

Founder & Executive Director, Herbicide-Free Campus

Berkeley, California

Eliminating the spraying of toxic herbicides at every school in the United States.

Executive Director, Virginia Free Farm

Kents Store, Virginia

Cultivating the next generation of nature protectors through sharing knowledge in Indigenous lifeways and ethnobotany.

Founder & Director, Voyaging Foods

Honolulu, Hawaii

Reclaiming a regenerative food system and Hawaiian food sovereignty.

Co-founder, Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition

Fairbanks, Alaska

Building a community of allies to dismantle white supremacy inside of the climate change movement.

Program Director, Little Growers Inc

Palm Bay, Florida

Building sustainable food production systems and providing STEM opportunities for underserved youth in Palm Bay, Florida.

Founder, Mycelium Youth Network

Oakland, California

Preparing youth of color to address environmental racism and the climate crisis.

Organizer, AMMD Pine Grove Project

Cumberland, Virginia

Supporting the development of the future generation of African American environmentalists from Cumberland, Virginia.

Co-Founder & President, People Power Solar Cooperative

Oakland, California

Creating regenerative economies and making solar power accessible in East Oakland.

Founder & Executive Director, Beyond Organic Design

New York, New York

Organizing sustainability and permaculture education in New York to prepare children facing the permanent consequences associated with climate change.

Associate Professor & Interim Associate Dean, Tennessee State University

Nashville, Tennessee

Increasing diverse student representation in food, agricultural, and natural resource sciences and supporting young people to become environmental justice advocates.

Founder & Executive Director, LEAD

Vinita, Oklahoma

Repairing native land that has been polluted and damaged by industrial industrial

Executive Director, Bayou City Waterkeeper

Houston, Texas

Incorporating nature-based solutions and nature-centered practices in Houston municipal structures.

Fellow Organizer, Uplift

Flagstaff, Arizona

Mobilizing young people all over the Colorado Plateau to train, learn, and develop relationships in the face of climate change.

Communications Coordinator, Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs

Organizer, B.E.A.M (Black Environmental Activist Movement)

Hamden, Connecticut

Advocating for restorative environmental justice for African American and Black Communities through the Black Climate Network.

Founding Member, Fireweed Collective

Anchorage, Alaska

Elevating voices, and building networks for local, national, and international climate solutions in Alaska.

Co-founder, Climate Health Now


Richmond, California

Empowering health professionals to stand up against climate change for climate health in California.

Senator of Guam

Prutehi Litekyan/Save Ritidian

Hagatña, Guam

Preventing environmental degradation in Guam and mobilizing community members to protect Litekyan, a sacred land scheduled to be the site of a firing range.

Food Justice Organizer, Missouri Coalition for the Environment

St. Louis, Missouri

Organizing against the food apartheid in St. Louis to improve food access and representation of local food systems.

Founder, Kai Palaoa

President, Mauna Kea Anaina Hou

Hilo, Hawaii

Mobilizing to protect Hawaiian sacred site, Mauna Kea and upholding traditional indigenous principles of Aloha Aina and Kapu Aloha.

Global Green New Deal Working Group Coordinator, SustainUS

New Haven, Connecticut

Building global solidarity and grassroots solutions to the climate crisis through the Global Green New Deal.

Co-Founder, Alliance of Native Seedkeepers

Richmond, Virginia

Rebuilding culture and food security for native peoples through preserving and proliferating native seeds in Richmond, Virginia.

Co-Founder, El Departamento de la Comida

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Decolonizing Borikén (Puerto Rico) through food.

Founding Member, C5- Concerned Citizens of Charles City County

Providence Forge, Virginia

Designing sustainable energy solutions and fighting for environmental justice in rural Virginia.

Youth Organizer, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice

Gonzales, California

Educating agricultural workers on their health rights, and fighting against pesticide-use in the Central Valley of California.

Climate Justice Organizer, Mothers Out Front

Catawba, Virginia

Accelerating a land and water protectors initiative within Indigenous communities in Virginia.

Founding Principal, Greenbank Associates

Oakland, California

Decarbonizing and eliminating fossil fuels dependence in public schools in the Bay Area, California.

New York and Mid-Atlantic Regional Organizer,

New York, New York

Decolonizing Borikén (Puerto Rico) through food.

Co-Founder, Micronesia Climate Change Alliance

Tamuning, Guam

Creating solutions to the plastic crisis in Guam and Micronesia.

Western Campaigns Director, National Young Farmers Coalition

Denver, Colorado

Aiding young farmers to ensure success in adapting to climate change on their farms across the Western U.S.

Director & Founder, Hope to Thrive

Winston Salem, North Carolina

Improving nutrition and reducing stress for food insecure populations.

Climate Justice Campaign Coordinator, Sojourners

Washington D.C.

Creating a cultural shift within the church around the issues of climate, and building a church network of climate advocates in Washington D.C.

Founder and CEO of Bank Sampah Sampah NTB Mandiri (NTBM)

West Nusa Tenggara, Lombok

Partnering with local recycling craftsmen and educating youth in ecology through her nonprofit.

Project Lead, Kelecung Kelod Tourism


Empowering women with skills and tools to create ecologically resilient businesses.

Teacher and Project Collaborator, Green School Bali’s Kul Kul Connection


Collaborating between the international communities and local farmers to provide chemical-free rice to the community.

Co-founder & Chief of Community and Stakeholders Engagement Officer at Handep

Central Kalimantan

Organizing the production of ethical and sustainable rattan weavings by Dayak women.

Leader at Walhi Sumbar

West Sumatra

Creating sustenance for women through alternative economic development in Padang.

Director, Yayasan Orangutan Sumatera Lestari

North Sumatra

Protecting the Sumatran Orangutan through person-centered engagement.

Conflict transformation analyst, WRI Indonesia

West Java

Addressing land conflict through research centered on women’s empowerment.

Teacher, Sokola Institute

Central Jawa, Jatijajar

Specializing in the education and assistance of indigenous Rimba people.

Burung Indonesia

Sulawesi Gorontalo

Educating communities and cultivating ecotourism to conserve endemic birds and forests.

Facilitator, Campus Without Walls


Inspiring local youth to become environmental stewards in their communities.


Head of Internal Affairs, YLBHI LBH Bali

Founder, Bumi Setara


Using law to fight for clean air in vulnerable Balinese communities.

Founder of Little Spoon Farm


Empowering community-based agriculture programs and supporting local farmers to adopt regenerative growing practices.

Executive Director, Katahati Institute

Aceh, Meunasah Manyang

Improving women’s rights and combating pollution by engaging with local leadership, government, and the media.

Founder & Program Coordinator, Komunitas 1000Kebun

West Java

Facilitating sustainable futures through organic gardening.

Founder & Chair, Mosintuwu Institute

Central Sulawesi

Organizing women and children for sustainable village development in Poso.

Early Childhood Program Coordinator, Heka Leka

Maluku, Ambon

Managing teacher’s professional programs so that young students learn to love nature and traditional culture.

Founder, Flower Aceh Foundation


Implementing local and international campaigns to empower women as conservation leaders in Aceh.

Executive Director & Co-Founder of Biorock Indonesia


Studying and advocating for coral reef restoration in local Bali communities.

Founder, Bintang Sejahtera

West Nusa Tenggara

Managing waste and empowering communities on Lombok Island.

Independent Consultant

DKI Jakarta

Encouraging the public participation of young environmental-activists in conservation and advocacy.

Chairman of Lepemawi

Mimika, Papua

Advocating against the impact of extractive industries on Indonesian rivers.

Youth Act Coordinator & Communications and Public Relations Manager, Ranu Welum


Raising awareness and educating communities about forest issues and plastic pollution.

Founder and CEO of Sanggar Kreativitas Anak Indonesia

North Sumatera, Medan

Educating special needs youth in zero waste management and how to utilize recycled materials.

Komunitas Sabana Sumba


Advocating for Indigenous land protection in Sumba.

Founder & Coordinator, Kelomang Community

West Papua

Organizing Mbaham-Matta women for social transformation.


Southeast Sulawesi

Conserving natural resources and protecting the rights of indigenous peoples in Wakatobi.

Director, NTT Yayasan Kuan Mnasi Foundation

East Nusa Tenggara

Defending environmental governance by Indigenous women in Timor, NTT.



Working in grassroots development programs that empower women leaders in villages to protect the natural resources in Aceh.

Manager, Javan Gibbon Research and Conservation Project

West Java

Protecting small apes through research and education in Java.

Founder, Mantasa

East Java

Building food and nutrition sovereignty by amplifying Indigenous wisdom about edible wild plants.

Founder, Central Borneo Guide

Central Kalimantan

Reviving Indigenous wisdom through natural tourism on Borneo.

Co-Founder, Setali Indonesia


Empowering communities to reduce waste through upcycled and downcycled fashion.

Co-Founder, Azura Marine Indonesia


Innovating Balinese fishing boats to harness power from the sun in order to uplift communities and protect the ocean.

Cofounder of Clungup Mangrove Conservation

East Jawa, Malang

Conserving and managing coral reefs in East Java communities.

Founder of the Seeds to Table Program


Integrating permaculture, environmental studies, and healthy lifestyles into local schools’ curriculum.

Communications and Campaign Coordinator, Rainforest Action Network


Working with local partners and grassroots movements to protect intact rainforests in Aceh and North-Sumatra.

Representative Officer, Center for Orangutan Protection

West Sumatra

Initiating community campaigns to protect orangutans and tigers in Sumatra.

Co-Founder & Program Manager, PROGRES

Founder & Chairwoman, Tambora Muda

Central Sulawesi

Protecting the biodiversity of Sulawesi through research and youth engagement.

Founder of the KAMBOTI Foundation


Educating children about waste management and founding organizations that focus on environmental restoration.

Founder, Balang Institute

Project Coordinator, Jurnal Celebes

South Sulawesi

Advocating for the sustainability of forests and the livelihood of customary communities in South Sulawesi.

Founder of ALAM RIANG

East Jawa, Jombang

Teaching children and adults to live sustainably with nature through eco-activities.

Researcher and Conservationist

Chairwoman, Ulin Foundation

East Kalimantan

Protecting the Siam crocodile through field research and education.



Implementing sustainable farming practices and new technologies in grafting and agroforestry for cocoa farmers.

Head of Sumba Hospitality Foundation

East Nusa Tenggara, Sumba

Creating initiatives that support Sumbanese communities to educate locals in practicing sustainable practices.

Researcher, WRI Indonesia

DKI Jakarta

Researching the level of women’s participation in managing social forestry and community practices that contribute to deforestation rates.

Founder, Greenwave

East Java

Building resilient communities through sustainable waste management practices.

Founder, Komunitas Sahabat Bumi

East Java

Empowering households to become self-sufficient in waste management.

Co-founder & Program Coordinator, Camar Foundation

West Sumatra

Championing local food systems in collaboration with activists and researchers.


Sumatera, Aceh

Studying bats for the conservation of forest ecosystems.

Rainbow Women Group

Homabay County

Treasurer, Songoroi Women Tree Nursery

Samburu County

Emayan Tree Nursery

Narok County

Co-Founder and Secretary, Kisembe Women Group

Kakamega County

Secretary, Songoroi

Women Tree Nursery

Samburu County

Co-Founder, Dominias Women Group

Kakamega County

Kagiletaktei Women Group

Uasin Gishu County

Chairperson, Rehema Women Group

Kakamega County

Co-Founder, Mavono Women Group

Taita Taveta County

Chairperson, Kabras Women Group

Kakamega County

Citizen Forum Women Group

Kilifi County

Emayan Tree Nursery

Narok County

Tisuka Women Group

Kitui County

Kariko Tree Nursery

Nakuru County

Co-Founder of Sidikho Community Unit

Kakamega County

Co-Founder of Jipange Women Group

Kakamega County

Co-Founder, Chebich Karerwa Women Group

Bungoma County

Co-Founder, United Nguvu Self Help Group

Trans-Nzoia County

Community environmental advocate

Treasurer, Bunyala Community Forest Association

Kakamega County

Co-founder and Secretary, Matoyi Vision Women Group

Kakamega County

Kochwa Community Unit

Kakamega County

Nandika Women Group

Kakamega County

Secretary, Rehema Women Group

Community Women Mobilizer, WWANC

Kakamega County

Vision 2030 Women Group

Kakamega County

Community environmental conservation trainer

Bunyala Community Forest Association

Kakamega County

Treasurer, Kisembe Women Group

Kakamega County

Tsontat Multipurpose Cooperative Society

Women Advocates Research and Documentation Center

Founder of ATAN

Executive Official of the National

KURAMA Women Association

Youth, Orphans and Widows Empowerment

President of Women of Vision Development Initiative

Attacker Women Association of Nigeria

Women Advocates Research and Documentation Center

GERTI Women Association

Fantsuam Foundation

National Council for Women Societies

Hamda Women Organization

Fantsuam Foundation

Sabon Gari Peace Women

President of Fembridge Development Initiative

Executive Director of Women In Need Foundation

Caring Culture

Agricultural business owner

Member of FEDI

Youth, Orphans and Widows Empowerment

Clothing Business Owner

Sabon Gari Peace Women Multipurpose Cooperative Society

Women of Vision Development Initiative

KURAMA Women Association

National Council For Women Societies

Researcher, Nityata Foundation

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Executive Member, Rural Development Society CC

West Bengal, India

Head of Training & Learning Development, Sukhibhava Foundation

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Co-Director, Amrita SeRVe

Kerala, India

Secretary, Helping Hands Cooperation Circle

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Founder & CEO, Breaking the Silence

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Volunteer, Anupam Seva Samiti

New Delhi, India

Environmental Officer at Meluha The Fern & Rodas An Ecotel Hotel

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Founding Editor, People's Environmental News Network

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Trustee, RISE

Volunteer, World Council of Arya Samaj

Bihar, India

Executive Director, Environment & Social Development Association

Mentor-for-Change, Atal Innovation Mission

Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Project Associate, Nagrika

Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

President, Indigenous Women League Nepal


Secretary, Samagra Vikas Sewashram

Member Magistrate, Juvenile Justice Board

Uttar Pradesh, India

Program Officer, St. Xavier's Social Service Society

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Assistant Professor, St. Xavier's Social Service Society

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Administrative Assistant, United Religions Initiative East Zone


Vice President, All India Women's Conference

New Delhi, India

President, Janseva Pratishathan Vita

Maharashtra, India

Head of Water Initiatives, Society for Advancement of Human Endeavor

Co-Founder, Kaava Design Studio

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Specialist, Peoples' Science Institute

Uttarakhand, India

Founder & Director, Gurgaon Action Plan & Bhumijaa

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Project Co-Coordinator, Centre for Health and Research Development

New Delhi, India

Executive Member, Himawanti Nepal


Program Manager, Alaap People's Foundation

Uttarakhand, India

  Project Manager, Pitchandikulam Forest Consultants

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India