Cheryl Rogers

Healing communities with resilence, education, and preparation.



Altamonte Springs, FL

Affiliations & Roles

Community Captain, Centra Florida Disaster Resilience Initiative



Cheryl Denise Rogers is a lover of The Most High God, Creator of the Universe, and a strong believer in He who hung on the Cross. By design, she was called to be a teacher of those who will listen and a Servant Leader of those who are in need. She is a mother of 4 adult children and a community activist, working to bring justice for the underserved.

In the early 1990’s she served on the Seminole County Fl Community Block Grant as a community liaison. Winwood, East Altamonte Springs is a community of rich culture and deep heritage. It became unincorporated from the City of Altamonte Springs due to winning a law suit which proved taxation without representation. East Altamonte is comprised of about 14 neighborhoods.

For the last 3 years, she has served as the Winwood /East Altamonte Disaster Resilience Initiative (WEA DR) Community Captain and a Central Florida DRI Co-Coordinator. Florida Rising is Central FL DRI’s parent Org.

Cheryl found that having such opportunities to be very rewarding and a fulfilling privilege. Both roles allowed her to meet and establish relationships with government officials thereby having meaningful opportunities to take a stand for the unrepresented and the underserved citizens of our community. These connections have allowed her to assist and facilitate in the distribution of life saving information and resource connections not only in the event of serious in climate weather such as hurricanes etc. but, for the resiliency and personal livelihoods of her community residents.

Cheryle is co captain of the WEA DRI team that also along with co-captains Connie Thomas, Ricardo Soto-Lopes and Gloria Justice. Together they have worked diligently in collaborating strategies for hurricane supply distribution using land and space usage to implement their HUB and Spoke Method. They also have developed the Senior and vulnerable citizens phone trees. Presently, they are in collaboration with the Seminole County Public Health Dept. who have facilitated a Covid -19 testing site. They’ve helped the elderly community and others who needed assistance by setting up their Covid -19 vaccination appointments. They also worked in collaboration to facilitate the Covid-19 Pop-up vaccination site in their area.

She was invited to speak in the Cleo Institute’s Empowering Resilient Woman Virtual Meeting on 4-27- 2021. There she spoke on what it means to be a resilient woman, likening resilience to “Weeble Wabbles but they don’t fall down.” Weebles were toys that came out in 1971 by the Hasbro/Romper Room Co. She referenced them in order to enforce the point that no matter how hard the hit or adversity they will be able to bounce back by implementing information, education, self-care and preservation, preparation and most importantly having a positive mind-set.

For the last 29 years she has served in the Orange County Public Schools Food and Nutrition Dept. where she is a manager.


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