2019 Women’s Earth Alliance Focus Region:


Why Indonesia?

Women's Earth Alliance recognizes that in this moment of environmental crisis, Indonesia is ground zero.  As the fifth largest producer of greenhouse gases, Indonesia's emissions rose 3% last year, nearly erasing the progress that several other nations made towards limiting the average global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius over the next 12 years.

Women in Indonesia experience the brunt of these climate disruptions and have therefore stepped forward as key leaders in designing solutions. They design from this firsthand knowledge and with future generations in mind, yet they are under-resourced and under-represented in their efforts.

That is why, in 2019, Women’s Earth Alliance is focusing our advocacy towards empowering grassroots women environmental leaders in Indonesia to drive impact towards reversing the social and environmental effects of climate change in their region

The women we support are on the frontlines of all of these issues and more.  They are working to strengthen our environment and communities from the inside out and from the ground up.  Click on the images below to learn more about the crises they face...

Indonesia Impact Plan 2019:

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