Issamar Pichardo

Empowering health professionals to stand up against climate change for climate health in California




Affiliations & Roles

Protégete Community Organizer, Conservation Colorado/ Protégete



Issamar is passionate about helping others and helping the Earth, which she has supported through her Bachelor's degree in Geography with an emphasis in Environmental Science and a Geographic Information Systems Certificate. She feels strongly about making a difference for vulnerable populations. Her interests include intersectional issues such as women’s rights, natural hazards, gentrification, urban food deserts, and mapping urban issues. She holds a broad range of research and work experience, including reproductive justice, comprehensive sexual education, and environmental justice in the nonprofit sector. She was also a dedicated research assistant who investigated the effect of floods on the Latino population in Colorado. She has worked in quality control for the transportation department in the government sector. In her free time she loves to travel around the world to learn about new cultures.


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