Candace Chu

Advancing clean mobility for communities of concern

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San Diego, California

Affiliations & Roles

Transportation Equity Program Manager, GRID Alternatives



Candace is a second-generation Taiwanese-American passionate about advancing environmental, racial, and socioeconomic justice. She believes in community-led solutions and is committed to an equitable transition towards a clean energy future that includes everyone. Candace is the Transportation Equity Program Manager at GRID Alternatives, the nation’s largest solar non-profit, based in Oakland. Since 2019, she has led GRID’s One-Stop-Shop Pilot Project in improving access to low carbon transportation equity programs for the communities that deserve it the most. She is working with diverse partners statewide to pair community-based outreach with a seamless, user-centered application experience to help BIPOC and low-income communities access electric vehicles, shared mobility, solar, and additional climate resiliency initiatives. 


Today, Candace’s goal is to expand the One-Stop-Shop Pilot Project while using outreach and community engagement to amplify the voices of communities at the frontlines of the climate crisis. She intends to develop a branding strategy and Equity Metrics for the project to operationalize what success looks like while centering justice.

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