Dominique Thomas

Empowering BIPOC communities to create racial justice in the climate movement.

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New York, New York

Affiliations & Roles

Training Manager, Climate Advocacy Lab



Dominique Thomas is a grassroots organizer and researcher based in Harlem, New York, and serves as a Training Manager with Climate Advocacy Lab. Prior to this role, she was the New York and Mid-Atlantic Regional Organizer for—where she was responsible for building a multiracial base of communities affected by climate change—a Clinical Trials and Research Coordinator in Urology, as well as a volunteer community organizer with residents of NYC's public housing developments.  

As a Black organizer, Dominique believes relationships are essential to successful base-building and being strategic requires organizing from the intersections of climate and other systems of oppression. In 2020, she created and launched The Climate League, a training program for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) to learn organizing and campaigning skills, focusing on racial justice in the climate movement. Her main objective in this work is to uplift the labor and stories of those who have been erased from the climate movement, while creating avenues for engagement utilizing an organizing orientation where communities can empower themselves. In her free time, Dominique enjoys reading Black feminist writings, running along the Hudson River and cooking vegan meals.

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