Jessica Girard

Building a community of allies to dismantle white supremacy inside of the climate change movement.

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Fairbanks, Alaska

Affiliations & Roles

Co-founder, Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition

Trainer, Native Movement



Jessica is a combat veteran and has been organizing in Fairbanks, Alaska as the co-founder of the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition (FCAC), and as a trainer with Native Movement. Through her position with Native Movement, Jessica works to dismantle white supremacy in order to heal as communities and species as the Earth continues to transform in front of us, due to this dominant and invasive culture that is the foundation of the U.S.for five years, leading from a place of healing and framing her work from a social and climate justice lens. Jessica also collaborates with the Just Transition Collective and Defend the Sacred Alaska. 


Jessica grew up on the traditional territories of the Wampanoag Peoples, outside of Boston, and she joyfully identifies as an auntie. Jessica holds a graduate degree in Sustainable International Development with a specialization in Environmental Conservation from the Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. She has 12 years of experience in intercultural relations and has worked directly with communities in Cambodia as well as Iraq before moving to Alaska.

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