Jo “love/speak” Cruz

Providing a sonic, visual, and performative journey of decolonization, healing, and co-liberation to activate sustainable systems.

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Bay Area, California

Affiliations & Roles

Womb Manager, Audiopharmacy Prescriptions

Founder & Creative Director, love/speak productions

Jo "love/speak" Cruz was raised in and by the culturally-rich Bay Area. Coupled with her strong familial, spiritual and indigenous roots to the Philippines where she was born, these worlds unite within her to cultivate a deeply rooted unconditional love for the Earth and all beings. Love/speak strives to support phenomenal world-class collective members to advance ideas from vision to form with mindfulness and positive impact. Audiopharmacy Prescriptions is a Bay Area-based international art collective striving to invoke consciousness, empowerment, and respect for life in creative endeavors shared with the world. love/speak's role in the Audiopharmacy Prescriptions, love/speak production, and the community at large is to build bridges of collaboration and cross cultural understanding among diverse communities; to support artivists from an administrative perspective to better reach their creative, spiritual and sustainability goals through their projects, and to organize and produce events rooted in respect, joy and empowerment.

love/speak is inspired to create her own personal and professional path motivated not by colonization, capitalism, and commodification, but rather one rooted in social change through the arts, culture, personal and collective healing, empowerment, and service.

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