Moñeka De Oro

Increasing food sovereignty in the Mariana and Micronesia region.


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Talofofo, Guam

Affiliations & Roles

Just Transition Coordinator Fellow, Micronesia Climate Change Alliance

Climate Justice Alliance

Moñeka is the Just Transition Curriculum and Policy Fellow at the Micronesia Climate Change Alliance in Guam. She is a longtime advocate for preserving and promoting her indigenous CHamoru culture. Moñeka creates educational content on issues like food security and wildfire prevention, integrating her love for the homelands of the Mariana Islands and all of Oceania. She believes that honoring natural resources through ceremony, art, and social media is vital to creating meaningful community change.

As a mother and educator, she works to empower youth for climate action in Micronesia. Moñeka’s goal is to create educational workshops about food sovereignty, based off of MCCA’s plant-based cookbook “Fanggai’ase’”, that can be brought to every village, and community center in Guam (Guåhan) and the Mariana Islands. These workshops will include learning how to create community gardens and sharing food from local gardens to show what food security can look like. In addition to these workshops, Moñeka plans to create spaces where the indigenous people of Guam (Guåhan) and the Mariana Islands can be return to their indigenous ceremonies around food and planting.

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