Rebecca Catherine Frayser Jim

Repairing native land that has been polluted and damaged by industrial industries.

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Vinita, Oklahoma

Affiliations & Roles

Founder & Executive Director, LEAD (Local Environmental Action Demanded)

Member of the Cherokee Nation

Tar Creekkeeper

Rebecca Jim founded LEAD (Local Environmental Action Demanded) in 1997, and leads the organization in its mission to achieve environmental justice in Northeast Oklahoma. She has worked on outreach for Harvard’s Center for Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research on Metal Mixtures and Children’s Health conducted at Tar Creek. As the Executive Director of LEAD, Rebecca's work has centered around being demanding that  local, state and federal agencies address the environmental and health impacts of legacy industrial practices. She focuses on addressing damaged lands that have been poisoned by unchecked industrial growth and processes. With a strong volunteer base, Rebecca and her team have been able to clean up the Tar Creek Superfund Site in the Quapaw Tribal land. 

Serving as an Indian Counselor for 25 years for the Miami (Oklahoma) Public Schools and for 10 years as Faculty Advisor for the Cherokee Nation Learn and Serve Program at Miami High School, Rebecca has brought state and national recognition to the Miami Schools for the Tar Creek Project. She has also been a part of building a diverse group of students who led efforts to stop the storage of nuclear waste in Ottawa County, Oklahoma.

Rebecca aims to mobilize a wider base of people to engage in these issues, who will in turn train other volunteers, bringing more community members into leadership roles. For Rebecca, her goals will not be met until the people of these lands are given justice. Rebecca Jim holds a BA in Behavioral Sciences from Southern Colorado State College and a Masters in Education, Counseling from Northeastern State University. She is also a craftsperson in beadwork and baskets and has been interested in the arts all her life.

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