Rozina Kanchwala

Making climate engagement accessible and inspiring. 

Rozina Kanchwala


Washington, D.C.

Affiliations & Roles

Director, Energy Justice Partnerships at Clean Energy Leadership Institute

Founder, Eco.Logic

Rozina is an energy and environmental professional with nearly 15 years of global academic and work experience in the environmental sector. She is a Fulbright scholar and she spent a year in India studying agrarian distress and then completed her Masters degree in Environment and Sustainable Development at University College London. She currently serves as the diversity, equity, and inclusion manager for the Clean Energy Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C.

Rozina wrote and produced a play called “Love in the Time of Climate Change,” which led her to realize there is a real appetite for entertaining and inspiring environmental education. The play, and her years doing environmental education work, led her to start Eco.Logic. Rozina’s goal with Eco.Logic is to create a world where people are guided by environmental values when making personal decisions and empowered to use their voices to demand corporations and governments are guided by those same values. Rozina plans to create replicable educational toolkits and curriculums that focus on key environmental issues. She also plans to take her goals international by creating a green jobs training program in Pakistan that addresses the impact climate change has on the country and the dual challenge of unemployment and underemployment.

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