Ruth Łchavaya K’isen Miller

Elevating voices, and building networks for local, national, and international climate solutions in Alaska.

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Anchorage, Alaska

Affiliations & Roles

Founding Member, Fireweed Collective




Ruth was given the name Łchavaya K’isen meaning Whirlwind Woman in her Dena'ina language. As an Indigenous climate activist and storyteller, Ruth works through Native Movement to scale a state-wide conversation and set of toolkits that create a nurturing and accessible space for Indigenous relatives to tell their own stories of climate change, climate adaption, and climate justice. Ruth contributes to a variety of campaigns against extractive development and toward Indigenous sovereignty, gender justice, and healing. Ruth has also engaged with various global decision-making platforms, including the UNFCCC, UNPFII and the Indigenous Peoples Caucus to deepen climate change fluency in a way that centers Indigenous knowledge and frontline communities. She invests deeply in youth mentorship and was a founding member of the Fireweed Collective, a catalyst for engaging, uplifting, and skills-building for diverse youth across Alaska. 


Over the next two years, Ruth and her team plan to create an accessible network of Alaska-wide hubs, particularly centering the voices of youth, elders, BIPOC relatives and two-spirit relatives, that will have access to resources, support and mentorship as she elevates their climate stories and increases access to national and international climate policy dialogue. Being raised in a multicultural household of Alaska Native and Ashkenazi Jewish, Ruth knows first-hand the challenge of navigating extremely divergent histories, cultures, and privileges, and plans to use the skills she has learned from that to hold story shares, where community members share intimate experiences of climate change, and develop their stories into effective advocacy pieces that they can confidently elevate. Her particular passion is in building cross-cultural collaboration between Indigenous peoples, and developing connections across communities to lift each other up. Ruth is a daughter, granddaughter, traditional beader, and subsistence fisherwoman.

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