Stephanie Hicks Willet

Supporting the development of the future generation of African American environmentalists from Cumberland, Virginia.

Stephanie Hicks Willett


Cumberland, Virginia

Affiliations & Roles

Organizer, AMMD Pine Grove Project



Stephanie Hicks Willett is a leader, teacher, minister, and social justice advocate. Stephanie spent her formative years in Cumberland, Virginia.After graduating from Virginia State University, she worked for the federal government in various capacities at the US Department of Agriculture, the Department of Treasury, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security. After retiring from federal service, the AMMD Pine Grove Project, which has its genesis in Stephanie’s hometown of Cumberland, beckoned her back home to assist with the needs of the community. 


The pristine natural environment of Stephanie’s hometown is being threatened by an unwanted mega landfill. Stephanie along with the AMMD Pine Grove Project have made it their goal to to stop the construction of a 1200-acre landfill in Cumberland County, VA. Its placement will potentially degrade the rich history of the multi-generational African American families who call Cumberland home. Stephanie envisions expanding her efforts to educate and engage local African American school age and college students in the project. She believes the youth can learn much by being engaged, and their involvement will increase the likelihood that her organization's initial efforts will have long term positive impacts on the community. Stephanie plans to make her community realize they have power within the political process and wants to show them how to exercise their power.

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