Aimy Dhankar


New Delhi, India

Affiliations & Roles

Volunteer, Anupam Seva Samiti


Aimy Dhankar volunteers for the Anupam Seva Samiti raising awareness for timely environmental issues and how to take immediate action. Aimy has created a platform for dialogue between policy makers and local citizens while generating self-employment opportunities for rural women through mushroom farming in Dehradun, India and enlightening citizens about the benefits of seed preservation and tree plantation. Through her work with Anupam Seva Samiti, she has promoted vegetarianism and led J.A.A.G. (Jawaharlal Nehru Animal Awareness Group) as they protested and successfully impeded the opening of a slaughterhouse in Gurgaon. Aimy has organized musical workshops, collaborating with bands “Melodic Watch” and “Auchitya” to spread environmental awareness through music and has conducted radio podcasts to provide deeper insights into environmental conservation.

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