Aishwarya KS



Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Affiliations & Roles

Project Associate, Nagrika


Aishwarya KS is the project associate for Nagrika and works with an Urban Local Body (ULB) to provide them with knowledge and support to address urban issues ranging from solid waste and water management to maintaining and improving green cover using the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to measure their performance. Prior to this position, she worked as a researcher and sustainability consultant. Her work included engaging clients, schools and college students to build awareness on climate and environmental issues. She helped companies minimize their carbon emissions and incorporate sustainable practices within their organisations. Her past research has also translated into an afforestation programme in which individuals and companies can plant trees to reduce their carbon footprint. Working with the ULB, she continuously engages with the community to identify areas where support is needed and and to improve their operations for the benefit of the public and city as a whole while mapping their efforts using global standards.

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