Anita Shrestha




Affiliations & Roles

Executive Member, Himawanti Nepal


Anita Shrestha has over 18 years of experience in sustainable forest management and now works as executive member of Himawanti Nepal (The Himalayan Grassroots Women’s Natural Resource Management Association of Nepal). All the activities of the organization focus on enhancing women’s leadership in social and environmental issues through trainings and engaging women in natural resource management such as watershed management, ecotourism, community forest management, forest based enterprise and leadership promotion. Anita is responsible for coordinating with various environmental stakeholders including the Ministry of Forestry and Environment for effective project planning and implementation through district chapters of Himawanti Nepal. For 14 years, she has worked with Nepal Swiss Community Forestry Project promoting grassroots organization and raising awareness for women’s environmental issues. As a PhD scholar of Tribhuwan University, Anita has also gained valuable research experience conducting a study on climate change impacts on the fisherman community.

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