Geetanjali Kaushik



Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Affiliations & Roles

Executive Director, Environment & Social Development Association

Mentor-for-Change, Atal Innovation Mission


Geetanjali Kaushik is the Executive Director of the Environment & Social Development Association and works as a consultant for cities aiming to improve air and water quality and preserve biodiversity. She has worked with municipal corporations, supporting them in preparing and implementing Clean Air Action Plans, and conducting data collection and analysis for Environmental Status Reports of the city. She has organized two national conferences on environmental challenges in association with reputable Indian organizations, and under her leadership, two stakeholder workshops have been organized for city stakeholders to undertake low cost sensor studies for clean air with school and college students. Geetanjali attended the National Consultations Meet where she represented the city of Aurangabad and she recently participated in the NASA ARSET training to expand on her knowledge of technologies used for predicting air quality. Currently, she is a part of the Atal Innovation Mission, an initiative run under the Government of India, working as a mentor for change.

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