Kalpana Ramesh



Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Affiliations & Roles

Head of Water Initiatives, Society for Advancement of Human Endeavor

Co-Founder, Kaava Design Studio


Kalpana Ramesh works as the head of water initiatives for the Society for Advancement of Human Endeavor (SAHE) and is co-founder of Kaava Design Studio, where she has driven awareness for sustainable green design and terrace gardens for years. She has actively engaged with the community to take action towards food waste composting, water conservation, and incorporating vegetable gardens on terraces. Inspired by the TEDxHyderabad Salon event in 2016 that discussed the stark situation around water conservation and severely depleting ground water, Kalpana took up the water cause more intensely, driving the Save10KBores initiative. As a water conservation champion, she founded the Live the Lakes initiative in Hyderabad; a program to spread awareness about the ecological importance of lakes and increase civic responsibility to prevent lakes from turning into a public hazard.

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