Maitrika Barua



West Bengal, India

Affiliations & Roles

Executive Member, Rural Development Society CC


Prof. Maitrika Barua is an Executive Member of the Rural Development Society CC where they aim to create awareness surrounding renewable energy, promoting afforestation, kitchen gardening for sustainable livelihoods, and rainwater harvesting. She has been involved in WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygeine) programs leaving a tremendous impact in the tribal hamlets of their operational areas and has been strengthening the women's wing of her organisation through training leaders of Self Help Groups (600 SHGs). In the last five years, Maitrika has conducted numerous national seminars on environmental hazards and disasters, SHGs, WASH programs and women’s studies. Prior to her work with the Rural Development Society CC, she was a college professor and retired as the head of the geography department. Additionally, Maitrika is connected to the Three Tier Panchayat Raj (local self government) where they house the District NGOs Forum which has 280 enlisted Local NGOs and is connected with local educational institutions.

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