Shatakshi Gawade



Pune, Maharashtra, India

Affiliations & Roles

Founding Editor, People's Environmental News Network

Shatakshi Gawade is the founding editor for the People’s Environmental News Network and an independent journalist. She is passionate about keeping the public informed on environmental issues and inspiring citizens to take action and live in harmony with nature. She aims to write stories that are solution-oriented and create a space for dialogue. Currently, Shatakshi is a member of the Network of Women in Media, India and is in the process of setting up the Pune Environment News Network (PENN), a platform for hyperlocal environment news which she hopes will expand to the state of Maharashtra. The news platform will provide information on timely environmental issues with information on how to volunteer or participate in different environmental initiatives. In her independent blog, she sheds light on environmental stories that are often not covered in depth while discussing the intersections of nature, culture, economy, and the state. Shatakshi’s dedication to spreading environmental awareness has led her to volunteer at the Melghat Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra where she has developed a series of sessions to create environmental awareness among tribal children living there. Shatakshi has participated in many media capacity building and youth for sustainable development workshops in collaboration with UNESCO MGIEP.

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