Nairobi, Kenya

Catalyzing Women’s Climate Solutions in Kenya

The 2019 Kenya Women's Earth Alliance Accelerator catalyzes the efforts of grassroots Kenyan women leaders protecting their communities and ecosystems from climate threats like drought, coastal biodiversity collapse, and food insecurity. This initiative will support leaders from across the country to deepen their strategies, build powerful alliances, and scale their solutions for critical climate change mitigation and adaptation. This is a joint initiative of Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) and Women in Water and Natural Resource Conservation (WWANC).

Accelerating Women’s Climate Solutions in the U.S.

In recognition of the central role that women play in environmental and climate movements and the resources they acutely need to grow their impact, the U.S. Grassroots Accelerator for Women Environmental Leaders supports women leaders from the U.S. and U.S. Territories with skills, tools, and networks critical to transforming pressing environmental and climate challenges into scalable solutions for all.

Building Climate Resiliency in Indonesia

The 2019 Indonesia Women's Earth Alliance Accelerator catalyzes the efforts of Indonesian women leaders protecting their communities and ecosystems from environmental/climate threats like palm oil extraction, plastic pollution, and sea level rise. This initiative will support leaders from across the country to deepen their strategies, build powerful alliances, and scale their solutions for the environment. This is a joint initiative of WEA, For Good, Mother Jungle, and Ranu Welum.


Building Peace Through the Ripple Academy

In direct response to the divisions and violence our world faces, WEA joined forces with the interfaith grassroots peace and justice organization, URI, which has worked in 100 countries over 28 years, organizing Cooperation Circles in peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Together we've launched the Ripple Academy, a coordinated training curriculum that supports women leaders working to build peace and end conflict to create impactful social and environmental solutions that a) improve conditions in their regions, b) uplift more women, and c) create global ripples of change.

Karnataka, India

Planting Seeds of Resilience in Southern India

This Initiative sustains the organizing and builds the capacity of rural women leaders and small-scale forest home gardeners in the Malnad region of Karnataka, India to preserve traditional knowledge, promote indigenous seed saving practices, support climate adaptation and mitigation, and further the rights of women farmers. This is a joint initiative of Vanastree and WEA.

Kaduna, Nigeria

WISE Women’s Clean Cookstoves Project

In 2015, WEA launched a partnership with Women’s Initiative for Sustainable Environment (WISE) to hold capacity-building trainings for women leaders from Kaduna State in Nigeria to promote and sell clean cookstoves. Through trainings that include clean cookstove business training, leadership and advocacy skill development, and financing for clean cookstove purchasing, WEA and WISE are now working intensively to improve the health and safety of women, reduce deforestation, and increase household savings.

North America

Shedding Light on Environmental Violence in North America

In North America, WEA and Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN) partner to support Indigenous communities resisting environmental violence. In 2016 we launched the Violence on the Land, Violence on our Bodies report and toolkit with a broad outreach campaign, providing a critical perspective from Indigenous women and young people on the impacts of extractive industry, as well as community-developed tools to address environmental violence. We also provide Community Action Funds for indigenous, women-led initiatives, that are working to halt environmental violence in their communities.

Assam, India

Working Together for H2OPE in India

In Spring of 2016, Numi Foundation and Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) launched an innovative partnership to ensure clean, safe drinking water to the Tonganagaon tea community in Northern Assam, India. Together with our local NGO partners, Chamong Tea Company, and the Tonganagaon community, we aim to provide access to safe drinking water to all 6,500 residents of India’s largest organic, Fair Trade tea community, for generations to come.


Mexican Indigenous Women Uniting for Land Protection

In 2013, WEA and Semillas — the only women’s fund in Mexico — began a multi-year partnership to support Mexican women-led grassroots environmental efforts through small grants and strategy sessions. Through this support, Indigenous women leaders have come together to promote indigenous women’s land rights in 5 Mexican states.

Karnataka, India

Traditional agriculture solutions for women farmers in India

In 2014, WEA partnered with the GREEN Foundation on "Shakti: Empowering Women Farmers to Lead", a regional exchange and training project for women farmers in Karnataka, South India to build their skills in sustainable farming and seed saving practices, and enhance their income generation capacity.

India and Nepal

South Asia Small Grants Initiative

The small grants initiative provided 3 years of strategic small grants to fuel the collective efforts of women-led grassroots groups and social movements in South Asia. This project promoted food sovereignty, environmental sustainability, climate justice and dignified livelihoods.

Gorakhpur, India

Grassroots Indian women leaders improving food and economic security

Manju Devi, a farmer, NGO field worker, and a single mother of 3 from Bihar, attended the WEA/GEAG 2011 India Women, Food, and Climate Change Training. After returning to her community, she set up her own organic kitchen garden as a demonstration site and organized 11 women’s groups, training 144 farmers on seed saving to grow a variety of vegetables and grains in their homes and small farms.


Women Building a Water Movement in East Africa

The GWWI East Africa Women and Water Training supported 50 African women leaders from three East African countries—Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania—to learn and implement solutions to issues of water and sanitation.

Kokrobite, Ghana

West African Women Providing Safe Water and Sanitation

The West Africa Women and Water Training supported women leaders with water technologies, business opportunities, seed funding and leadership skills to design appropriate and long-lasting solutions to water and sanitation crises in their communities.

Northern Arizona, United States

Native Women Leaders and Advocates Promoting Energy Justice

In 2010, WEA and a team of advocacy delegates traveled to the Southwestern United States to meet grassroots Native American women environmental justice campaign leaders, as part of an Advocacy Exchange to Promote Energy Justice in the Navajo Nation.

Northern India

Women and Food Learning Exchange in Northern India

Initiated through an invitation from one of WEA's founding mothers, Arshinder Kaur, this Learning Exchange was designed to inform the launch of WEA's work with women farmers in India. Together, 15 women practitioners and advocates in agriculture and food systems traveled to the frontlines of India’s sustainable agriculture movement to forge partnerships and engage critical learning that is still influencing work in this region today.

North America

Coordinating Advocacy to Protect Native Lands and Rights

For 7 years, the WEA Advocacy Network worked to narrow the legal and policy advocacy access gap for indigenous women leaders and their communities. We linked grassroots Indigenous women leaders who are organizing their communities around environmental justice, with the technical expertise of advocates in law, policy, and economic development.

Nairobi, Kenya

Safe Water Solutions for Sub-Saharan African Women

The African Women and Water Training was launched in Nairobi, Kenya, in July of 2008 with GROOTS Kenya. This incubator for micro-enterprise development and water technology training marked the first round of the Global Women's Water Initiative, co-founded by organizations A Single Drop, Crabgrass, and Women’s Earth Alliance.

Southwestern United States

Bridging Nations, Building Strength in Native American Southwest

The Transformative Advocacy delegation to the Southwest convened women public interest attorneys together with Native American women working for environmental justice and sustainability in their communities. These leaders joined together for a journey of dialogue, witnessing and action, and laid the groundwork for an alliance to be born, whereby lawyers and Native American leaders partnered to address the pressing environmental and human rights abuses.

Palawan, Philippines

Women Uniting for Safe Water in the Philippines

From this series of four-day educational workshops, thirty women were trained in building the BioSand Filter; sixteen BioSand Filters were constructed; and five pilot projects were launched in each province. Following the workshops, all women trainees secured their own funding to begin providing BioSand Filters for their communities.


Women Collaborating Towards Food Justice in Bolivia

The Bolivia Transformative Advocacy Exchange led a team of women environmental attorneys to the Andean highlands of La Paz, where they forged partnerships with women-led community organizations working to encourage sustainable, indigenous-managed land use and agricultural practices in Bolivia.