Accelerating Women's Environmental & Climate Solutions in the U.S.

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The U.S. Accelerator

The 2020 U.S. Grassroots Accelerator for Women Environmental Leaders is designed to catalyze the critical efforts of women and women-identified leaders who have stepped forward to protect our families, communities, and ecosystems from environmental and climate threats. This Accelerator supports a diverse group of women leaders from across the country to deepen their strategies for change, build powerful alliances within and across movements, and scale their solutions for environmental protection,
health, and justice.

This year's leaders are accelerating the impact of their existing projects in these intersectional areas and beyond:

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 The Accelerator is working with women environmental leaders to amplify:


Generate quantifiable impact in leaders’ projects that restore ecosystems, transform agriculture and food systems, build green economies, and protect people’s health, rights and safety


Grow public awareness and visibility for key environmental campaigns and causes via WEA’s international network.


Bolster women’s environmental leadership nationally and internationally by strengthening women’s networks, spheres of influence, and access to resources

The Accelerator includes:

3 months of weekly facilitated online skill-building, knowledge exchange, and coaching with an action-oriented focus specifically tailored for your work with a cohort of 20-30 allied women leaders

Program content offered by people with expertise in topics such as how to measure the impact of your work, increasing awareness of your work through effective communications strategies, diverse models for raising funds, building strong coalitions, hands-on environmental technologies, leadership development, and healing and self-caree

Small working groups designed to dig deeper into environmental technologies, networks, and communities of practice

The Collaboratory: The Collaboratory: A 4-day immersive experiential learning and knowledge-share at Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (OAEC), an 80-acre research, demonstration, education, advocacy and community-organizing center in West Sonoma County, California (all travel and accommodation costs covered by the Accelerator)

Graduation into the Women’s Earth Alliance – an alliance of women environmental leaders around the world who are building relationships for the long-term, co-designing a diverse and just movement of women’s environmental leadership, and unleashing solutions that will shape our collective future

Twice-monthly group video calls and expert speakers

Estimated time commitment of 2-3 hours per week plus 4-day in-person “Collaboratory”

U.S. Accelerator 2020 Timeline (3)

Why the U.S.?

Women’s leadership in the U.S. and around the world is one of the greatest leverage points for increasing our collective climate resilience. Yet the women who step forward to prevent environmental destruction and injustice face an uphill battle. Women’s bodies and health are threatened, their work is under-resourced, and their leadership is stymied. Deep structural inequities rob these leaders of their full potential to profoundly shape our communities, our values, and the future on this planet.

Why a WEA Accelerator?

In the face of environmental crises, the diverse solutions that women environmental leaders deliver are critical to our survival. WEA’s action-oriented accelerators are designed for timely action and high impact, convening powerful groups of women leaders who are out front – fiercely protecting our water, food, air, forests, land, sacred sites, indigenous lifeways, and future generations. By investing in women leaders to scale solutions for change, we are creating the conditions for an inclusive, safe, and thriving world.

2019 U.S. Accelerator Organizational Partners

Los Angeles Eco Women’s Alliance
Project 911
Shellmound Walks
Women for Wildlife

2019 U.S. Accelerator Sponsors

Leaders in Action