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Liza Apriani



Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Co-founder & Chief of Community and Stakeholders Engagement Officer at Handep

Movement Initiator for the Earth Hour Central Kalimantan Chapter

Freelance Research Assistant


Liza Apriani is the Co-founder and Chief of Community and Stakeholders Engagement Officer at Handep, a social enterprise based in Central Kalimantan. She is directly involved in the production and community engagement process. She also helps develop and maintain sustainable and ethical practices for her organization. Liza specifically manages and leads the community engagement process on the ground through community meetings, value mapping, resource and problem identification, and stakeholders’ involvement. She heads this organization which deals with community issues on a regular basis.

Liza has actively participated in green youth movements across Central Kalimantan since her university days. In one of her prominent roles, she serves as a movement initiator for the Earth Hour Central Kalimantan chapter. During her exchange year at Hokkaido University, Liza explored a vast range of sustainability issues globally. Aside from this, she also works as a freelance research assistant for international researchers on sustainability topics which include forest conservation, mining, and peatland.

Liza cares passionately about community empowerment and environmental issues and enjoys spending time with the people in the villages while helping them grow. She is responsible for the community and stakeholders’ engagement at Handep, where she travels frequently to Handep’s partner villages to facilitate them on product development and training programs. Liza also cultivates relationships with Handep’s stakeholders, including government organizations and businesses.


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