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Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Program Director for Program Gurita Wakatobi

FORKANI (Forum Kahedupa Toudani)



Mursiati graduated from Haluoelo University in Kendari with a law degree. Since 2016 she has been a program manager for Program Gurita Wakatobi with Blue Venture which works to empower the local community in order to manage their resources. A program called Population Health and Environment (PHE) was developed to connect people’s health and their resources. In this program, women have the most important role, not only because they are mothers, but also because they have the power and right to decide the future of their community.

Since 2008, Mursiati started working with a youth group in Kaledupa to discuss community issues and be able to have an open discussion with their parents, teachers, community members, and government. Mursiati is also involved in a fishery monitoring program in Wakatobi.

Before being a program manager, Mursiati was a writer for a fisher group newsletter to share the news, ideas, and knowledge from different groups around Wakatobi and was part of a small grassroots organization called Forum Kahedupa Toudani (FORKANI) which focuses on the conservation of natural resources and the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples in Wakatobi. She was the coordinator for Program Lamun Wakatobi which aims to build public awareness about seagrass meadows as an important ecosystem in Wakatobi.


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