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Raihal Fajri

Raihal Fajri


Aceh, Meunasah Manyang, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Executive Director of the Katahati Institute

Facilitator for the Aceh Information Commission



Raihal is the Executive Director of the Katahati Institute, a nonprofit organization that aims to teach others valuable skills such as public speaking, how to run a business, and more.

In 2007, Raihal first joined the Katahati Institute as a Project Officer to provide support for victims of earthquakes and tsunamis in Aceh. Her experience in government service has made her a key resource in order to improve women’s rights and development in her country.

Her community service work first began when Raihal observed the pollution that is produced in her community from the local cement factory, which inspired her and her friends to fight for their right to have a healthier environment to live in. Raihal saw that women and children were the most impacted by the pollution of the local water sources caused by the cement factory and inspired her community to speak with the cement factory, government, and the media about the issue.

Most recently, Raihal helped to prepare a five year development plan in the Banda Aceh City involving issues related to women and children. Since May 2011, Raihal has been a facilitator for the Aceh Information Commission and does assessments of SKPA, a university and political party that specializes in informing the public about government actions. Before this, she formed the committee selection group to hire prospective members of the Information Committee of Aceh.

Raihal Fajri
Raihal Fajri
Raihal Fajri

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