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WEA Women in Action

Redemta Tete



East Nusa Tenggara, Sumba, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Head of Sumba Hospitality Foundation



Redemta Bato was born and raised in Sumba. She has a sociology degree from Atmajaya University (Yogyakarta). Since the start of her professional career, Redemta has been doing non-profit work in Sumba.

As a coordinator with Sumba Sustainability Tourism Coalition, Redemta wants to create awareness and longevity for Sumba as the tourism market grows. One of Redemta’s roles at Sumba Hospitality Foundation is to guarantee that the schools and eco-resorts truly benefit the local community in the long term. Her environmental initiatives support the Sumbanese communities by educating locals on sustainable practices and having governments promote waste management systems.

Through education, empowerment, and inclusion Redemta hopes to see an end to domestic violence and trafficking of vulnerable women, prevent women from being taken advantage of when trying to escape difficult situations, and prevent the discrimination of marginalized women who have suffered from disabilities, violence, poverty, or neglect. For over a decade, Redemta worked in management at Sumba Integrated Development in collaboration with Child Fund Indonesia and Sumba Hope Foundation, which helped her cultivate her community development and advocacy skills for all women and children. Redemta is driven by a strong desire to improve the situation of the Sumbanese population and strives daily to meet the needs of her community.

Redemta Tete
Redemta Tete
Sumba Sustainability Tourism Coalition

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