WEA Women in Action

Sumarni Laman



Kalimantan, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Youth Act Coordinator for Ranu Welum-Youth Act Network

Communications and Public Relations Manager at Ranu Welum

Leader of Hartland Project


Sumarni Laman received Bachelor degree in Chemistry Education of Palangkaraya University. She has expertise in biological resources and water management and is passionate about education. Her interest in environmental issues inspired her to volunteer for Ranu Welum in 2017. She became official staff in 2019 and serves as Youth Act coordinator. Sumarni managesĀ  communication & public relations for Ranu Welum. She is currently running the Hartland project - a national movement to raise awareness about forest issues through planting trees which has already engaged over 1000 participants. Sumarni will be both a participant and a coordinator at our Bali collaboratory.

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