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Tirsana Kailola

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Maluku, Ambon, Indonesia

Affiliations & Roles

Early Childhood Program Director for Heka Leka

Educator & Teacher Trainer


Tirsana Kailola is a passionate educator and educational program developer. Since 2017 she has worked for Heka Leka where she started the Early Childhood Program and is responsible for designing and managing teacher’s professional programs of early childhood education in Maluku. She started this program because she believes that producing a better generation starts by producing better teachers and because she knows that students need to learn to love nature and traditional culture if they will grow up to preserve it. The program includes teaching educators on how to reuse natural resources and trash, such as using dry leaves for arts instead of buying colorful paper and using colorful sands which can be cheaper than crayons, as well as how to reduce plastic consumption.

Tirsana Kailola

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