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WEA Women in Action

Tri Astuti



Central Jawa, Jatijajar, Indonesia




Affiliations & Roles

Teacher at Sokola Institute



Tri Astuti is passionate about justice for indigenous women in Indonesia. She is a volunteer teacher at Sokola Institute, a nonprofit organization specializing in the education and assistance of indigenous people in Indonesia. Since 2014, she joined the Sokola Institute in Jambi to teach Rimba children from Sokola Perempuan Rimba. In 2016, she was assigned by the Sokola Institute to teach at Sokola Kaki Gunung, Jember where she is currently in charge of teaching children and parents about the coffee farmer community at the foot of Mountain Argopuro, Jember. She participated in the Southeast Asian health history conference in Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2016 where she talked about traditional Rimba medicine and the health system for pregnant women in Rimba.

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