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Dolores Belmares

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San Antonio, Texas

Affiliations & Roles

Texas Field Consultant, Moms Clean Air Force


Dolores (Dee Dee) Belmares lives in San Antonio, Texas and is a Texas Field Consultant for Mom’s Clean Air Force, a group of parents fighting air pollution for the protection of children's health and the prevention of climate change. In this role, she organizes Latinas in San Antonio to address the environmental issues that most concern them in their communities.

In addition, Dee Dee serves on the Steering Committee for San Antonio’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, participates in San Antonio’s Climate Action Coalition, and leads community forums to promote climate action. She sees widespread participation and movement-building as the key to inciting governmental action for the health and future of today’s children.

Dee Dee is working to create a network of people within her EPA region who are all facing the same impacts of the oil and gas industry in their states and working to fight fracking to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Her initial focus will be on building connections with leaders and grassroots groups throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. By working across states with people focusing on the same issue, Dee Dee hopes to build strength through collaboration to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Dolores Belmares (Dee Dee)
Dolores Belmares (Dee Dee)

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